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A Proven Strategy

DMI Investor Partnerships

DMI Holdings believes that investments work because of people, not because of numbers on a spreadsheet. We strive to ensure reliably successful endeavors by putting the right people with the right processes in the right place. DMI seeks out partners who fit our core values and who share our commitment to putting investors' needs first. While we share common values, our partnerships span a diverse array of industries—each a specialist in their field.

Our approach is simple:


Discipline is the foundation of a successful business.

Conservative Underwriting

Strict adherence to conservative underwriting standards and risk assessment ensure that, while our deals move quickly, we never sacrifice due diligence—with any investment, the first priority is always to mitigate risk.


Our commitment to strategic partnerships and transparency with our investors makes DMI a unique industry leader in our market.

Investment Strategies

Portfolio Diversification

At DMI Holdings, we believe that a diverse array of investment opportunities is the right strategy.

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Our Integration Strategy

Our team has extensive expertise managing each stage of the project’s life cycle—from land acquisition to value-add, to managing cash flows and capital events—a highly integrated approach.

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DMI Invests in Value-add Assets

DMI sees opportunity in properties whose potential may not yet be fully realized. We assess the value-add potential of a given property in detail—and on multiple levels:


  • High-quality but not fully stabilized.
  • New developments with strong fundamental drivers and good yields.
  • Recapitalization opportunities.
  • Distressed businesses with strong fundamentals and a qualified operating team ready to step in.
  • Private hard money lending opportunities.
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Current Investors

Current investors may access their portal below:

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